Back in the Saddle…

I’m really not sure how many times I have had to get back into that darn saddle in this past year.  Today, I accomplished some basic “stuff” around the house, researched Reconnective Healing and Dr. Eric Pearl and then – with medical blessing – EASED back into some yoga.


It’s a good thing I told myself to just do a few gentle poses, and nothing extreme.  I had to take (yet another) break after that last surgery.  It seems this entire experience has been potholed with long periods of time during which I could do little to nothing in terms of exercise.  I had one month last year when I could barely use either arm (surgery number one), four months of my energy sapped away by chemo (although I did walk a little tiny bit), then another almost month of very little upper body access (you guessed it, another surgery), followed by six weeks of DON’T YOU DARE USE YOUR ABS…or stand for too long…or sit for too long…or bend from the waist AT ALL.


I used to run at LEAST five miles each day.  Where did that girl go?  Now she is buried under the cumulative effects of four surgeries and more toxins than I can count.

30 minutes of very gentle, Hatha Yoga, completely kicked my arse.  I was shaking from the exertion.  Exertion! Ha!  My body is a stranger.  (Mind you, a stranger with very nifty boobies, as I mentioned in an earlier blog.)

This week, I hope to have my first Reconnective Healing session with a lovely friend of ours who has been a practitioner for years.  I am really looking forward to the experience, even though (despite all of my research) I am not really sure what to expect from it.  Apparently, this is a good thing.  According to Dr. Pearl, “I don’t know” is one of the most powerful phrases we can utter, as it opens us to innumerable possibilities. 🙂

In the meanwhile, there is a Farmer’s Market and a play date waiting for my babies and I this week.  And my Lara is squeezing in some extra time at home so we get to have a bit of Spring Break as a family.  Love love love this…

Blessings to you all…xoxo

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