Adventurous April Week 3

For the third week of the Adventurous April challenge, I chose to do something I have done before – just in a new spot. 🙂

Lara and I took the kiddos on a hike, on a trail I had never explored back in my hiking/athletic days. This trail was described in another blog I follow, and was successfully navigated by a wonderful lady out here who has also been battling cancer (and winning, by the way).

Due to her successful hike, I felt we could all successfully climb to the Cross behind one of our local churches.


As you can (hopefully) see, it’s a bit of an uphill trek! Also, it was already in the 80s when we started. Since I have brca1, I have a high risk of melanoma, so I had to hide out from the sun while walking in – you guessed it – full sunlight.

Here is my fashionable sun blocking clothing:


All of that was in addition to the two layers of sunblock I slathered on.

We didn’t make it to the Cross, sadly. Lara called it at the half way point, and had us all head back down. She wisely pointed out that it didn’t matter that I still felt terrific: once we reached our goal we would have to get all the way back down.

The views were gorgeous:


It was time well spent, and someday I will get all the way up there. Just not today.

So, something new combined with something I haven’t been able to do for the past year.

And so ends week 3!

Blessings to you all…

Our next adventure of today will be in my next post, but it is a bit of me venting and wondering at my body, so be warned!

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