The Zombie Apocalypse…

I’m on a truly bizarre thought train today. Even more bizarre than usual…

It all started here:

The Hideaway from Zombies

The Hideaway from Zombies

My friend shared this photo and said it depicted where she would be hiding in the event that zombies showed up all at once and decided to wreak havoc on all of us.

This led me to all sorts of odd thoughts:

Can zombies walk underwater like they could in a screenplay I read?

Do sharks eat zombies? (I really hope so.)

Can I move into that retreat on Monday mornings, weekly?

Why do we think about a zombie apocalypse?

Where did the idea of zombies even come from?

So, I took to google – my friend in times of puzzlement.

The idea of “zombies” came from a Haitian belief in the resurrection of the dead through witchcraft. The term zombie has also been used to describe people in a state of hypnosis: walking, and talking, but unaware of self.

Today, of course, it just means the horror/bogeyman we see on television or in movies.

Here are some reasons I think a zombie apocalypse would give all of us truly alive people a good fighting chance:

– zombies are slow. We can all get away easily.

– zombies are clumsy. We can hear them headed our way.

– zombies are not gifted with dexterity: let’s challenge them with ladders. Or, better yet, rope ladders!

I’ve spent time in silly reflection, and inflicted it on all of you.

So, tell me, in the event of the zombie apocalypse, what are YOUR plans?


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