Supplements: Why I Take Them

I have been receiving quite a few emails lately from people inquiring about vitamins. Namely, which vitamins I take and why. So, although the topic may seem to be a bit dry, I figured I would share some general information with you all.

As I’ve written before, ever since chemotherapy I seem to have an adverse reaction to vitamins in their pill form. I only take liquid supplements now. Each day I take liquid B vitamins (the full array, not just b12 or b6), liquid colloidal minerals, probiotics, and Royal Jelly.

B vitamins are good for a multitude of health issues: not only can they help with mood (e.g. stress/anxiety, depression), they aid in memory. As any of you who have experience “chemo brain” will know, there is a haze of amnesia that seems to follow you around for quite some time. I’m almost out of those particularly charming woods these days. B vitamins are also excellent for energy, heart health and nutrient absorption from food. If you wish to read more about B vitamins, I highly recommend the site They have great resources there. 🙂

Colloidal minerals are considered a big question mark by “medical” professionals. However, those minerals include calcium, magnesium, potassium, and copper, all of which are hugely beneficial. Copper is something I am more personally in favor of, due to a family history of goiters. Iodine can help prevent goiters, as can cooking with copper cookware. In the absence of copper cookware (used to have a full set of copper pots and pans, once upon a time), taking in colloidal minerals can give the same benefit.

Probiotics are flat out good for your digestive health. End of story! No, not end of story. Chemo wrought absolute havoc on my digestive system. Seriously, I could go on and on about my bathroom struggles, and I could be hideously descriptive too. But, I will spare you all. 😉 Probiotics help promote the healthy bacteria in the stomach and intestine and can ease the side effects of medication on the digestive system. Remember, every time you take a prescription course of antibiotics you are killing your intestinal flora as well as whatever infection you are trying to treat.

The Royal Jelly thing is a bit different. Back in the days when I had ovaries, I took royal jelly in tea. Now, I just take 1/4 tsp of Royal Jelly every morning on an empty stomach. There are dire warnings on the label: do not take this with hot liquids. They don’t say WHY you should avoid this, mind you, but I am too scared to test it to find out. Ha! Royal Jelly does not only help with hormone regulation before menopause, it can help with menopause symptom regulation as well. In addition to all of this, Royal Jelly is reputed to have phenomenal anti-aging properties. So, you see, a tiny bit of vanity got me there!

I hope this was informative. Blessings to you all…

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