Family Board Games and General Mayhem…

Today’s blog really has nothing to do with anything. I just had such a huge belly laugh that I wanted to share it.

For the kids’ birthdays, Maddie received a board game called “Beat the Parents.” Lara found it and just knew that Maddie would love it. It hit all the notes: competition, dominance over…us. Right there, we had a winner. So today we sat down to play. Beat the Parents is a trivia game, with kid questions and parent questions. It is basically set up to keep parents and children up with each other’s pop culture trivia. A few highlights:

Question for Lara and I: These three brothers have a band – Kevin, Joe and ________ Jonas. Who is the third brother?
We hemmed, hawed, sounded out names. I was voting for “Dave,” but Lara insisted that wasn’t it. I settled on the feminine “Dorcas” Jonas. Needless to say, we were wrong. It’s NICK Jonas. No matter what you may think, you should not think “Dorcas Jonas” will bring home the win.

Question for kids: What is rhinoplasty? Maddie’s answer: rhino poop. We had to take a break for laughter.

Question for us: What snake can kill an elephant? We were going back and forth. Lara and I are Lakers’ fans, so her suggestion was “black mamba.” I figured a Cobra could kill an elephant. Suddenly the kids were whispering, “blaaaaaaccckkkkkkkk mambaaaaaaaaaaaaa.” Kobe Bryant = Megamind?! Probably not what was intended, but definitely hilarious.

Now, we are still whispering “black mamba.” It makes me laugh: Lara associates it with Kobe Bryant, the kids associate it with Megamind, and I keep thinking of “Kill Bill.” What a motley bunch we are!

Happy Saturday and blessings to you all…

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