Witching Hour…

The title is entirely misleading. It’s just that I was up and out of bed at 3:00 a.m. Somewhere in my memory, there’s a scary story that highlights the duration of the “witching hour” as midnight through…dawn, I suppose.

In the comments yesterday I said that my appointment went perfectly. My antigen results came back within healthy range, again. I tend to stay at the exact same number, so I suppose the consistency is a good thing. I think I should focus on that the next time I get worried. Thank you for all of your good thoughts.

We are trying to overcome the horrible allergies we are all suffering. Each year at this time, lawns are scalped and overseeded. I prepare in advance for this, usually. This year, I was caught out. First Moses started with the itchy eyes, and sneezing. Then Lara and I about six hours later. Maddie is the truly stoic amongst us: she just wanders through all of us and asks for an advil for her sinus headache. As soon as the grass is sprouting (translation: about 5 more days) we will all be in much better shape!

I like to deal with allergies with food and tea and juicing. Then, when I realize I am losing the battle and haven’t slept in two nights, I go for the over-the-counter remedies. It’s not the greatest, but it seems a better option than continuing with the stuffy insomnia. 🙂

As a result of allergy medicine, you end up with bizarre, rambling blog posts at nearly 4:00 a.m.

Sending wishes for good health (and a full night’s sleep) and blessings to you all…

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