A Garfield Monday…

I haven’t read the Garfield cartoon in a long time. My children, however, read it frequently. This morning was complete and utter mayhem, to the point that the kiddos and I were somewhat hysterical on our way to school. They both started quoting Garfield to me:

Maddie: “You know it’s a Monday when you’re attacked by bees in your backyard.” (Yes, this is what happened this morning. No stings.)

Moses: “You know it’s a Monday when there are sharks in your water bowl.” (Ha! This did not happen – things were looking brighter.)

Maddie: “You know it’s a Monday when you wake up and it’s Tuesday.” (Ummmmm, I wish?!)

So, I’ve spent today getting pest control in. I believe bees are important, and I REALLY didn’t want to have anyone come here to kill them all. Fortunately, I know some great people who work for great companies. By the time Moses was in his piano lesson this afternoon, I had a stalwart young man in his bee suit, collecting the hive and capturing the Queen. He’s currently on the road to a bee farm where the majority of our bees will be relocated. His initial estimate of two hundred bees changed dramatically when he discovered that they had buried part of their hive. We had thousands. Yikes!

Now, dinner is almost ready (chicken provencal and risotto), homework is nearly done, and Lara and I are ready to watch Arrow. I’m catching up on what I’ve missed, so I can become current with the show’s plot. Loving every minute of it!

A peaceful Monday, and blessings to you all…

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