Wellness Catch Up!

I’ve been sharing so much poetry here lately that I may have forgotten how to write prose!

Today, an interview I did with Colleen M. Story over at the Writing and Wellness blog is out and available. Please go on over to read it right here. While you’re there, read some of the other posts for those of us who write for a living, seeing as it is a sedentary profession. Colleen’s content is always rich and thought-provoking.

That interview has prompted me to do a quick self-evaluation on where I’m at, health wise, these days.

I’m back in the saddle when it comes to running. No less than 5 miles at a go, since that is the distance that hits all the right notes for me. I’ve been trying to do a bit of resistance training, since I am free to do all but bodybuilding ever again. The pool right down the street from my house isn’t open right now, and I haven’t made time to go to the next town over in some time.

Overall, I’m feeling lean and mean. Haha.

I’ve been doing my green drinks, at this point because I really like them, and am finally able to take regular vitamins. I feel like I’ve graduated, switching from liquid vitamins only. 🙂 I may finally attain my doctor’s recommended veganism this year. Maybe. My feelings on that are very mixed.

May is approaching with my 6th anniversary of kicking out the hitchhiker. I feel stronger than I did for a long time before my diagnosis. The view from this side is beautiful.

Be well, and thank you for reading.


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