Side Effects…

I have been keeping to my regimen of new supplements, in the hopes that they will help alleviate some of the lingering side effects from all of this turmoil my body has been through.

I’m drinking my “green drink” daily – and how happy am I that my daughter enjoys it with me?!  🙂  I’m continuing the bee pollen, the black cohosh tea (let’s get those hot flashes under control), miso, and so on.  In addition to all of these, I have been cooking soups like crazy!  French Vegetable, Uncle Dino and Uncle Richard’s Chicken with Vegetable soup (extremely simple and VERY tasty), Vegetable Barley, the list goes on and on.  I’m sure my family is getting a tiny bit fed up (haha, pun intended) with soup as our hot weather is hitting us.  I placate them by making my Rosemary Chicken, as well as a polenta dish everyone seems to love.  🙂

Despite all of this, some “side effects” are not diminishing – and this, apparently, is quite normal after chemotherapy.

Each day, I get a headache: it happens at different hours, and there are no set triggers, so I keep plowing through it.  I have Lymph Edema on my left side, specifically my left hand and left foot most dramatically (still, I’m really glad it wasn’t arthritis).

For these, I have been treated for a sinus infection (headaches and resulting dizziness and nausea remain), I have had a CT scan (yesterday) and I begin physical therapy next week.

I work hard to push through, and maintain my humour (no matter how twisted that humour may be).  I have days where I feel incredibly discouraged.

When those days hit, I remind myself that I have done in one year what many people spend five years accomplishing, if not longer.  I have overcome Cancer, and taken extremely strong steps to block it from ever returning.

There’s the complaining, grumbling, whiny update for the day.

Blessings continue to you all…

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