Cooking and Computing…

Happy Sunday everyone!

I’ve had a slow start, but am happy to finally be moving around.  So, I am in the kitchen, cooking and typing all at the same time.

We seem to all have adjusted to the new way of eating around here.  No one really complains about missing any foods in particular, especially as it is simple to have treats on an all organic plan.  We don’t really feel any drastic limitations.

Our happiest news this week has been the fact that I actually had a headache-free day!  This may not sound like much, but when your headache has been lingering for six months, an entire day without that pain feels heavenly.  It’s also a teensy bit amusing, because I was so excited I had to tweet about it and call/text people to let them know.  It doesn’t take much to thrill me, apparently.  🙂

I am hoping that it was a sign that my testosterone levels are starting to balance out.  God knows I have been working hard enough to turn that around!

Just this quick note, and then back to the hot stove I go.


Blessings to you all…

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