Hail to the…Whaaatttt?!

We were decompressing with a little television around here, when a commercial came on today.  Truthfully, we were not really paying attention to the ads.  Other than Super Bowl, I mostly ignore commercials.

The ending of this commercial, however, had Lara and I, jaws dropped, staring blankly at the television.

All Hail the V.

Pretty innocuous, no?

Except it was a Summer’s Eve commercial.

Hail to the V.  All Hail the V?  Long Live the V?  The V Monologues?  Really???!!!!  What next?!

Scratch that question.  I don’t want to know what the next thing coming happens to be.  Really.

Apparently, not only are the vertical “talking” hands (oops, make that talking Vs) ridiculous and pejorative, they have also managed to be racist.  Summer’s Eve made these commercials for different races of women.  Or Vs.  Different races of Vs?  Now I’m confusing myself.

What happened to the days of people  in commercials attempting to herd cats or squirrels?  Do we really need an ad with a talking “V” and a clever slogan to that V?

Oy.  (FYI, for those of you who are taking me absolutely seriously, I am still laughing so hard my sides hurt.)

Not necessarily deep food for thought today (and, dear Lord, everything sounds wrong now), but thought I would share.  Hey, if it’s burned into my mind’s eye (which is bleeding now lol), it might as well be burned into yours.  🙂

On that note, blessings to you all…  Time to go watch my Lakers.  Without Pau Gasol.  Without Dwight Howard.  Without Jordan Hill.  Without Steve Blake, Lara is pointing out – but he’s been out so long I wasn’t expecting to see him play.  Here’s hoping our two giants – Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash – can lead the guys who don’t get much play time.


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