A Tribute…

Today, I want to tell you a story about the Tumour Raider’s dog, Zoe. Yes, the dog’s real name is Zoe. No “stage name” for the blog. 🙂

Zoe came to stay with me during my cancer. Every round of chemo, she was sick. Every surgery, she was in pain. Some days, my sole motivation for pushing through and feeling better was so that I could stop inflicting my side effects on the poor dog.

She loved our family like crazy, and tolerated my little dog grudgingly.

Yesterday, at the age of 16 (with a life expectancy of 12), our sweet girl was put to sleep.

We didn’t want to leave her suffering, at the end of a really good life.

Today, well, today I am raw. My Lara is steady, my Maddie and Othello are hanging in, and I am processing. I prefer to process alone, like a wounded bear. 🙂 Instead, I am in public. Heaven help us all…

Just a brief post, to share.

Sending blessings to you all…

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