Healthy Cooking – Stoneware…

Instead of talking about what I am cooking, I’d like to share some of what I have learned about pots and pans. I think that, by now, most of you are aware of the dangers of cooking on non-stick surfaces. When exposed to higher temperatures, non-stick pans can leach fumes into the air (and leach toxins into your FOOD) that are hazardous to your health.

Since we all know this, what are the safer materials with which you can cook and bake?

After trial and error, and A TON of research and reading and asking my main physician one million questions, our household is transitioning to cooking with stoneware. Glass and stainless steel are also safe choices, but stoneware won my vote in this case.

First of all, I noticed that my food is much more richly flavored when I cook with enameled stoneware. Apparently, the seasonings aren’t able to leach out of the food and into the pot or pan itself.

Secondly, toxin free! This does come with a caveat: when you purchase stoneware, you need to make sure to avoid stoneware made with cadmium or lead. This is actually easier to do than it may sound at first, since American-made and Canadian-made stoneware products do not contain either of those substances.

Thirdly, stoneware is so durable. If you use the enameled stoneware (think Le Creuset), it is dishwasher safe. If you use the unglazed stoneware (such as pizza stones, baking sheets) you do have to avoid soap. I use a scraper, hot water, and baking soda if absolutely necessary.

When using a pizza stone/baking stone, it is important to remember to get some “fats” into your stone. This is called “seasoning” your stone. You can simply rub a butter/oil into the entire surface of the stone. It doesn’t require a great deal. This helps prevent food from sticking to the stone.

So, just a short piece of info for all of you to do. Part of our Cancer Free lifestyle around here is our transition to stoneware.

Have a wonderful night, and blessings to you all!

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