Lazy Sundays…I wish!

This morning my eyes popped open and I thought the alarm hadn’t gone off. Never mind the fact that it was an hour earlier than our week day alarm time, I had forgotten it was still the weekend. As soon as I realized it was Sunday, what did I do? Jumped out of bed and grabbed coffee before the kiddos were up. I had a solid two hours as the only soul awake in the house. Even the dog was sprawled out in a coma. I’d love to say I read, or practiced vegetating, but the reality is I had unloaded the dishwasher and done two loads of laundry before my daughter staggered out into the living room.

Speaking of the comatose dog, can someone explain this to me: she is a Spaniel mix, 20 pounds, not a very big dog. We have a king size bed. How do two adults end up with no room in the bed because of such a smallish dog? I swear, Lara and I end up crammed into a 6 inch wide sliver of bed while our dog becomes a Newfoundlander in her sleep. Unless, of course, she is having doggie nightmares, in which case she jumps on top of my head and sleeps there while she whimpers and shakes. Very restful. Haha.

Yesterday, I published an article on the Yahoo Contributor Network about my thoughts and experiences with prophylactic surgery and the lack thereof in my Breast Cancer battle. You can read the article here: Please take a quick glance and share with anyone you may know who is contemplating their options in the face of this disease!

I’ve been pondering the fact that I watch Bill Maher as a comedy show these days. Between his joy over the new Pope, and his slams on Ted Cruz, I’ve been having quite the laugh.

Sending you all happy Sunday/Autumn Equinox wishes! Blessings… 🙂

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