Tuesday Thoughts on Fitness…

I know, I know: yesterday I was whining about head colds and the “New Normal.”

Today, I hiked up the mountain to the cross with my furry sidekick (she’s even lost a little weight, although you can’t tell in her “ugly” Christmas sweater). The pace was a little slower than usual, and I had to take some Advil before hand so my sinuses wouldn’t hurt, but do I ever feel good. I’m following up the hike with another bowl of Posole to make sure I’m all the way cured of my cold. 🙂

Even on grey days like this one, I can’t help but reflect upon how fortunate I am. This is the season that makes our hellish summer months worth it. And I have the kind of job that enables me to take the time to run or hike before I glue myself to my desk. That has to be truer fitness that I ever managed to achieve when I was running the rat race.

So, my wish for you all today:

Smell the roses, take a walk (or go snowshoeing if that’s what the climate dictates), sit down and enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoon, and just breathe.

Just breathe.

“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.” ~ John Muir

Blessings to you all…

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