A Day in the Life…

So, I have been trying to blog more about the nutrition end of things around here, and thought I should give you a supplemental “day” in our house:

Each morning, I am up at 6 (unless I am up at four, fed up with hot flashes grrrrr) and taking a shot of my aloe juice.

Then, it’s time for blissful coffee…sigh.  I just love my coffee.

The children get shuttled off to school, and I finally work up an appetite around 9 am or so.  I am terrible about eating first thing in the morning – I sort of have to get into the day before my stomach wakes up.  I have been enjoying Greek yogurt with local honey each morning.  I highly recommend it – very tasty, and beneficial (so that’s a win-win in my book).

When I was a trainer, I would encourage my clients to make lunch their biggest meal.  Since I am trying to gain weight, I don’t really follow that rule.  I try to have a big lunch and a big dinner!  I also have my bee pollen about an hour after lunch.

After dinner, I go ahead and take my second shot of aloe juice.

I am still trying to reincorporate wheatgrass into my diet.  I was taking wheatgrass daily when I started chemo, and nothing triggered mausea and vomiting faster than my wheatgrass.  On top of that, I wasn’t supposed to have raw foods (unless they were bananas or oranges, which can be peeled) every other week.  One of the side effects of the AC-T was that my immune system bottomed out every other week.

After all of that, the wheatgrass is sort of hit or miss for me.  I can still get a residual type of nausea when I try to drink it now.  In time, I am hoping that will ease off.

Last, but not least, I take in ginger – quite a bit.  I mix fresh ginger into my green tea, and chamomile tea.  I cook with ginger, I have the occasional ginger candies (hard candies and soft candies), I am a HUGE fan of ginger. And, the good Lord knows, my stomach needs all the help it can get.

So, there you have the roughest of sketches of a day in my dietary life.  I also take a traditional supplement, but not until two hours before bedtime.  It just sits better for me at that hour (translation: if I take it too early in the day, I get sick).

It’s a bit of juggling, and a LOT of note-taking, but I am monitoring my health and wellness to see the effects of the positive changes I have made.

At the very least, we get a lot of humor, since my kids like to make dramatic gagging noises over the aloe juice and the bee pollen.  They don’t know what they are in for, yet…all in good time.

Blessings and health to you all!

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