Everything’s Gone Green…

No, not the New Order song.  This house.  Our lives…They have gone green.

During this crazy journey, I was slowly trying to transition all of us to a perfectly organic lifestyle.  I know organic does not overcome BRCA1.  I know it doesn’t solve the genetic health history of this family – but it increases our odds of good health and longevity.

I figured it would take quite some time to accomplish this.  But, as of last week, we are all organic!

The food was the easiest part, actually.  Every time I needed groceries, I just shopped carefully for certified organic foods and drinks.  That transtion was completed about one month ago, now – and I announced to my little family last week that they hadn’t had a single preservative loaded, pesticide covered food in weeks.  They never even noticed.  🙂

The cleaning supplies.  Those were the trick.  I was actually trying to use up what we had here at home before replacing with natural solutions, but Lara and the kiddos started to have skin sensitivity to our laundry detergent.

A few clicks of the mouse and a special order later, and all of the previously toxic household solvents and chemicals were out the door!

I have to say, I’m kind of proud of myself.  And I really enjoy the citrus oil and tea tree oil fragrances when I clean.  Yes, it was a touch pricier, but well worth the trade!

One year since my first surgery on May 16, and we have finally reached the lifestyle change I was working towards.

Healthful blessings to you all…

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