Eat, Drink, and…

Be Merry, right?



You may remember that I was trying to raise my testosterone levels without any prescriptions (since they are off limits to a BRCA1 gal like me).

So, my options were food and exercise, and vitamins/minerals.

My blood test is this upcoming Tuesday – August 14.  I’ll have another antigen test at the same time to make sure nothing crazy is happening at a cellular level. 🙂

Low testosterone was wreaking havoc in my life with chronic headaches, low low low (lower than the basement) low energy, forgetfulness, and so on.

I increased foods that prevent the body from turning my testosterone into estrogen (a common problem for someone who has had their ovaries removed), and began a very specific vitamin and mineral regimen.  I also threw a teeny tiny bit of resistance training into my routine, and increased my protein consumption by 1 gram per pound of body weight.

When I first wrote about stadium stairs, I mentioned that I had gained one pound.  I am proud to report that I am now up to 105 lbs (gained five woo hoo!), and my energy feels like it is picking up.

On top of that, I am growing stronger, physically.  It’s not time to run out and squat 400 pounds (yet, haha), but I have high hopes that I will be in serious fighting shape for the breast cancer fundraiser Women Running Wild by spring of next year.  🙂

This is some of my happy news to share.  It’s coming in stages.

More blessings…

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