The End…

Over one year ago, I got a tattoo and then found a lump in my breast.

Today, I am going in for my very LAST surgical procedure.  This chapter of the journey is reaching its conclusion today.

I am excited to finalize this.  And, I appreciate the circle: this journey began with a tattoo, and today it will close with (you guessed it) surgical tattoos.  🙂

It’s been painful at times, and a serious uphill trudge at other times, but overall this journey has been a triumphant one.

I will not be defeated by breast cancer.  I own it.  It has brought blessings to the foreground and forced me to clean house, and what remains is joy.

Fierce grin, big hugs.  Let’s do this!  Lara and I are off to the Doctor’s office in less than an hour.
Blessings and love to you all…

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