Back to School…

Finally!  This week, my two not-so-small munchkins went back to school.  This has been harder on me than it has on them (thankfully).

First of all, I had to compare “first day” photos from last year to this year.  When did they grow so much?  It’s not just the fact that I am quickly about to be the shortest person in the house – it’s how they actually look, especially my daughter.  She isn’t a child anymore…just as my son is no longer a baby in any way.  This takes an adjustment.

Secondly – I had to remember how to manage charging out of bed at 6 a.m. and getting ready to be in public.  LOL.  This sounds like it should be simple.  It probably should be.  Still, by dinner time yesterday I was down for the count.

Thirdly, and I never really thought I would say this, Momma has to adjust to a silent and empty house.  The first ten minutes were wonderful.  After that, it was just weird.

This is the logistical update, since I am sure you were all just dying to know.  *wink*

More to come in the usual vein of health, rebuilding, and writing.

Blessings to you all…xoxo

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