Wonder Woman…

We have been thinking about Wonder Woman quite a bit around here lately…

When I was a little girl, I desperately wanted to BE Wonder Woman when I grew up. Then, when I became a single mother and my daughter was hospitalized, I thought – ” Forget this Wonder Woman nonsense! I just want a nap.”

Somehow, Lara and I got onto the subject of Wonder Woman the other night (probably because we watched a rerun of Bones, in which Brennan dresses as Wonder Woman for Halloween). We both wondered, how about that invisible plane? I mean, really, where is the practicality of a plane that is invisible, but leaves Wonder Woman completely visible?! Useless.

Plus, when you are a super nerd like I am, you see odd and disturbing patterns. Wonder Woman was born to the Amazon queen – and what did Amazon women do, in the myth? Well, they slaughtered men after mating with them… Is this the foundation of a super hero? Plus, add in the lasso of truth (which looks alarmingly like a bull whip) and the possibilities for bizarre psycho-analysis are virtually limitless.

So, tonight as you drift off to sleep, realize I just did the twirl and spin to switch into costume while Lara mimed piloting an invisible plane. I do believe we may have gone off a super hero deep end. 🙂

On that note, I will add that I am channeling my inner Wonder Woman, and am back to the stadium stairs workout routine. Muscle girl is back. Back, and gunning her engine, and ready to go go go.

Blessings to you all…

Wonder Woman is alive and well in this house, times two. 🙂

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