Today, we have all laughed like loons.

You know, the wonderful belly laugh that you can still feel hours later? Yes, that kind of laughter.

First of all, this set us off:

There’s an entire video of voice overs that’s also good for giggling, but this “Alan” scenario induces gales of laughter around here.

Today, I proved myself a liar. Yesterday I wrote my big blog about accepting my physical abilities, appreciating the journey, being patient with myself. Today, I moved a 100 gallon aquarium, on the stand, while it was mostly full. I may say I am not as strong as I used to be, but my legs got the job done. And let me tell you, carpet is a pain in the neck when it comes to moving extremely heavy objects.

Tomorrow, please remind me of this brief moment of glory when the muscle soreness is killing me. I can already feel it setting in, and will be hopping in an epsom salt bath as soon as I finish typing.

I hope you all had a safe holiday weekend, and enjoyed our Presidential Inauguration, and our liberty. 🙂

As always, blessings to you all…

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