Day Two…

So, now that I have brought you up to speed on yesterday, we move into this morning.

I had some screaming muscles when I awakened: biceps, pecs, lats. Ouch.

After I dropped the kids off at school, I walked from my house to the stadium across the street and reacquainted myself with my old nemesis: the stairs.

I had no idea how many rounds I could do on those extra high steps this morning. I used to run up and down about thirty times. This morning, I made it fifteen times. Then, I retired to the track for some wind sprints.

Cancer and chemo and surgeries reduced my muscle mass. I say they reduced it to about zero. My hiatus from working out sent me almost back to the starting point. Wind sprints, instead of distance running, can help to bulk up a runner’s muscles. I don’t need to be leaner, I need to put some size back on my frame.

After I walked myself home, I felt proud of myself. And, pretty certain that tomorrow I will be feeling slightly sore. Ha ha… Slightly. I am the eternal optimist. I managed to consume more than adequate protein, and took some time out to make my “orange drink.” I’m going to have to come up with much more catchy names for all of these juices and smoothies, instead of just their colours. 🙂

Tomorrow brings with it a full day of empire building, and I think a yoga workout. I’ll need to loosen up the muscles when I drag myself out of bed. 🙂

I will post daily updates as the body transformation continues. Not giving up, not hopping off track again. Renewed, refreshed, committed!

Blessings to you all… Sending strength and health…

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