Days Fifteen Through Twenty-Three…

Since the workload was lighter over the past week and change, I was able to settle into a bit more of a structured routine with my fitness again.

Day fifteen was an absolute rest day: I was completely exhausted.

Day sixteen was a walk: Lara and I took our small fuzzball for an hour long walk, while the weather was still good. Just for your reference, it is now in the 100s here (108 yesterday, 106 today), so outdoor walks are not likely to happen too often for the remainder of the summer.

Day seventeen was a stationery bike ride. Thirty minutes of burning thighs later, I was happy to hobble my way back home. 🙂

At this point, I was excited to realize I was another two pounds up in weight. It’s a slow journey back to my health, but it’s all moving in the right direction.

Day eighteen was a full work day, and a rest day from exercise as I was running around most of the day. I try to time those rest days well.

Day nineteen was the start of a few day video fitness run. Lara and I did an advanced cardio sculpt workout, which involved quite a bit of shadow boxing at the end. My arms were wiped out by the time the near hour was up.

Day twenty was where it became CRAZY! Lara has the Tae Bo video. I’ve never done Tae Bo before, although I do maintain that my daughter performed every Tae Bo workout known to man while she was still in utero. We made it through about twenty minutes of the one hour workout before we had to tap out. I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard in my life. By the time I would put together all of the steps and moves for one exercise, Billy Blank was either moving us into the next routine, or asking us to perform the steps double-time. At one point, Lara and I accidentally punched each other’s arms. It was totally my fault. I zigged when I should have zagged, in a manner of speaking.

On Day twenty-one, I opted for a yoga relaxation and meditation session. It was much needed after the frenetic pace set by Billy Blank the night before.

Day twenty-two, rest.

Today is day twenty-three. I’m thinking of a light run on the treadmill, now that the errands, work, and homework of the day have passed.

I hope you are all well and healthy, and sending blessings…

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