Of Dinosaurs and Gunfire…

Believe it or not, those two things are related. 🙂

When I miss out on sleep, I get punchy and a bit crazy. Crazy funny, not dangerous. Just so you know.

So, this morning, my eyes flew open just past 2:00 am, from a horrible horrible horrible nightmare. I was so absolutely terrified, that I was wide awake and unable to get out of the bed until past 4. Here it is, the WORST NIGHTMARE OF ALL TIME! Are you ready? Lara and the kids brought home a new pet. They brought home a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Yep. There it is. Pure terror. I’m flinging Butterball turkeys into the yard to feed this beast, and Lara is telling me to be calmer, that we should start housebreaking the T Rex. That’s right. Housebreaking. A. T Rex. I was convinced it was going to eat us all, and it followed me everywhere. It was eating everyone else while it followed me like a puppy. Even when my family wasn’t in the same place with me in this weird dream, I just knew our “pet” was going to eventually eat me because, Hey! He can’t help it. He’s a dinosaur.

When I relayed all of this information to Lara, she said my first indication that I was not awake should have been…no, not the dinosaur. The fact that she brought home a pet. We have our one dog now, and we are not getting another. Everytime I see one of those Humane Society commercials and start to say, “Awwww” she says “No!” I really love the fact that Lara points out that the UNREALISTIC part of my nightmare is that moment. Not the rest. Clearly, it is totally reasonable to have a terrible lizard for a pet. Ha!

So, I’m punchy today. This makes me goofy, giddy, and a tiny bit jumpy. (By tiny bit, I’ve been perfecting levitation from a vertical position all day.)

This evening, we take Tubbo out to play in the yard, and someone’s car backfires. I am CONVINCED it was gunfire. Lara keeps saying she thinks a car backfired. I text my neighbor so that he can weigh in on this: backfire or gunshot? I’m not sure why I think he’s supposed to know this information, but I really needed the extra opinion. He says, “I didn’t hear anything.” Yep. A car backfired, and jumpy girl over here was ready to catch a bullet in her teeth. Yes, I am making fun of myself.

So, I am sipping my chamomile tea, and about to watch some comedy. Tonight, only sweet dreams. And if there’s a pet in my dreams, I’m voting for a Shetland Pony.

Sweet dreams, and blessings to you all…

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