The Eve of the Weekend…

I love Thursdays. Of all of the days in the week, Thursdays are my favorite. We have all of the anticipation of the weekend still ahead, with none of the mayhem of trying to fit all of that activity into two days.

Our garden has grown: rosemary, oregano, basil, lavender, cucumber, eggplant, carrots, spinach, and a few sunflowers thrown into the mix. We spent a very enjoyable day puttering around the garden together over my children’s spring holiday from school.

Maddie has been reading everything about health, wellness, and addiction. Her science class has been studying the detrimental effects of alcohol and drugs, as well as smoking. So far, I seem to be safe and allowed to keep my coffee. If I’m down to a macrobiotic diet within the next seven days, just know that Maddie drove that train. She’s sort of a tyrant about health (a great relief for me). I think I compared her to a nutritional Stalin today.

Moses has been mostly going with the flow, and doing a TON of writing and story telling. He’s also reading anything scary he can find, especially if it has to do with nature.

I’ve been slower on the workouts lately. We are already hitting the high 90s here, and I find it much harder to get motivated. It’s probably time to start distance swimming now.

“Gratitude is the sign of a noble soul.” ~ Aesop

Gratitude and blessings to each and every one of you…

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