Tuesday Thoughts…For My Children…

No, I’m not writing this post for my children at their current ages. Think of this as one of those “letter to my future self” kinds of experiments. Someday, when they are adults, I’d love for them to read this and look back on their childhood and realize it all makes sense. Yes, it’s another one of my lists.

I know you so well, and can read each micro-expression on your faces. Don’t try to get past me until I’m senile. (Before you try this when I am senile, first make sure that I am not in possession of a cane with which to knock you down. Just in case.)

I was young once, not so very long ago. I remember it well, and work to help you avoid my pitfalls.


No matter how big you are, I still see my babies. It’s not an insult, it’s an endearment.

You are too young to be dating! (This applies FOREVER. Haha.)

Slow down and look around you.

Quit complaining about bedtime – you’ll regret it later!

I am always cheering you on, even when I am in lecture mode.

You are both perfectly imperfect, just as you should be. 🙂

Think before you speak, and then think some more.

If it seems like a good idea “at the time,” it probably isn’t.

My rules may seem unfair (I know, I know – why should you have to clean your own rooms?!), but I promise you this is a cakewalk compared to the “real world.”

You will discover that those you counted as friends are anything but that, and it will break your heart. Get angry, get sad, and then let go.

You can’t save everyone. Some days, you can’t save anyone but yourself. Remember to value yourself. (Or, as your grandfather would say – “after me, you’re first.”)


Belly laugh every single day.

Go to the doctor.

Take your medicine: even the metaphorical kind.

Do not quit. Do not give up. A stubborn will can get you a long way, along with hard work and optimism.

Be cheerful, even when you don’t feel it.

Did I mention that you should READ THE DARN DIRECTIONS?! So, do it!

Smile. Love. Take care of yourself, and each other. You may want to beat each other bloody most days right now, but you two will be each other’s lifelong friends later.

Remember, I love you. To the moon and back, THIS much, and to infinity and beyond. And, I love you more.

Blessings to you all… Go hug your beautiful children (furry or human)!

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