Early Detection…#MondayBlogs

If you don’t want a view of a soapbox, run away! Far, far away… 🙂

Public Service Announcements tell us all that early detection saves lives. While that statement may be an over-simplification, early detection doesn’t hurt. But, what counts as “early?”

Obviously, early would refer to the progress of your illness. But I like to think that early can be, well, even earlier than that.

I often explain my journey through cancer as beginning with the discovery of the lump. That’s also far too simple of an explanation, though. The journey began with increasing fatigue (no, I’m not talking about normal sleepiness, I’m talking serious, hit the wall, how will I remain awake another minute fatigue), a change in my immune system (catching every single bug, and each bug getting more serious than the last), and that deep instinct that something was going on.

Early detection isn’t just the doctor’s appointments, it isn’t just the self exams: it is listening to your body. How well do you hear what your body tells you? Life is cluttered with a ton of noise. Within that noise it can be nearly impossible to notice the signals your body sends to you.

Trust your gut. It isn’t just sound advice for interacting with others, it’s the best advice I can give you for you optimum health.

A secondary piece of advice: have uncomfortable conversations with your family about health history, whenever possible. It helps to know what might be in your genetic makeup. Your genetics do not present a roadmap to your health over your lifetime, but the family history can be an eye opener.

You are your own best advocate. Listen to medical advice, yes, but listen to yourself. Just be. Clear the room, shut down the chatter, and listen to yourself.

Your health is a gift that needs to be cherished. Today, I’m asking you all to cherish yourselves.

Monday blessings to you all…(Lecture over. For now.)

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