Tongue In Cheek…

I have a mental list that I seem to just build upon when I’m with my children. Okay, sometimes I make little notes to add to that list even when the children are not with me, but it happens. The list is a tongue in cheek “guide to life” of dos and don’ts that I think could potentially be helpful. (Or, at least good for a laugh, most likely at my expense.) Some are serious, and very “captain obvious,” while others are just flat out silly. 🙂

– look both ways before crossing the street, parking lot, or bike path.

– don’t date bass players

– laugh, every single day

– remember that the badas*es who appeal to us in youth can be extremely difficult to grow old with

– quoting Monty Python in public is always a good time

– impersonating Achmed the Dead Terrorist, also a good time

– dance (even if it’s a wild freestyle that only you can do)

– mix prints and patterns once in a while (then watch people get irritated)

– take risks, but make sure they are calculated risks (that means: talk to me first)

– play “what if” games (but not of the worried sort): a good starter would be, what if Hogwarts were real? What would you study? (My daughter and I would totally need a time turner like hermione)

– never become an Ellen Jamesian, literally or figuratively.

– sing. At the top of your lungs, as often as possible.

– break SOME rules (again, please consult me first)

– figure out your super power as soon as possible

– dream

– make your dreams reality

– never give up

– share

– play twister

– love yourselves, and others (but, as my dad would point out, you have to love yourself FIRST)

– amendment to the bass player warning: just don’t become a groupie

– get a blackbelt

So, there’s my wacky list. I’ll probably share it with the kiddos. When they are older. Like, thirty. 🙂

Blessings to you all…

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