And here we are…

So, it’s the third day of the New Year, and the only thing I really have to discuss is food.  But, since this is my blog, it is, of course, food I prepared.

Our winter arrived somewhat late for us this year.  Now that it is here, I’m tucking some of my herbs (and my roma tomatoes) in at night.  We’ve had a bit of frost, and temperatures are expected to drop below freezing.  The kiddos still have a bit more time left in their holiday from school, so we have been nesting.  And, building robots.  (No, really, we’ve been building “smart robots” and “green robots” since Christmas.)

Today, we snuggled in and baked cornbread.  The main complaint with cornbread around here (from my daughter) is that it is never sweet enough.  I finally accomplished my goal, of baking cornbread even miss “Maddie” would enjoy.  It’s honestly sweet enough that I would eat it for dessert, but everyone was happy.  🙂

Then, I piled in the fresh organic produce and made a “soupe aux legumes.”  My inspiration for this soup comes from the book French Women Don’t Get Fat by Mireille Giuliano.  She has a very simple recipe for it which, once you have mastered it, is simple to modify for your own tastes.  This soup, along with Uncle Dino’s chicken soup, are two perfect foods for any mood around here.

Finally, because some of us are definitely meat eaters (ME! ME!) I made a simple country pork chop.  I can’t point you in any direction for a recipe to that one – it varies every time I prepare it.

All of the above, plus a glass of red wine, have me relaxed and very full this evening.

The joy of cooking, for me, is twofold: first, the bonding time I have with my children in the kitchen; second, the sense of accomplishment when I have very happy eaters in front of me.

Added to that, we had Loreena McKennit accompanying us the entire day, so my entire spirit is soothed.

I am hoping this was a beautiful winter day for you all.  Until tomorrow –

Blessings to you all…

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