A New Year…

Hoping all of you are in high spirits, and filled with optimism today for this next year ahead of us.

On the funny side, I opted for pigtails last night.  I barely have enough hair for that, so I decided they were not “tails” so much as “stumps.”

We had our traditional, family-oriented, hunker down with loved ones, stay off the road New Year’s Eve here last night.  I saw the ball drop on New York time, but was sound asleep before West Coast time.  I wasn’t sure when we might fall off the fiscal cliff – Eastern Standard Time?  Mountain Standard?  – but decided I could not keep my eyes open long enough to find out.

My love and I have spent most of this day reading aloud from Nora RobertsNorthern Lights, and listening to the kiddos giggle while they watch “Despicable Me.”  I love my lazy days.

My children have been fortunate enough to begin “crossfit” training this year during their Physical Education classes, thanks to one of their coaches.  They have been sharing their training with me over this Christmas vacation, and it is AMAZING.  (Amazingly tough, too, but I am definitely not complaining.)

If you are interested in Crossfit, you can follow the Coach’s blog at ridgelinecrossfit.com.  She posts exercises to follow, with participation from readers in the comments section.

On another tangent (hi, welcome to my brain), I got an idea from Lori Culwell when I was reading her blog (funnystrange.com) this morning – one post per day for the entire year.  I’m thinking I should jump on that idea, to add some writing discipline back into my life.

Now that we are mostly up to date, sending blessings to you all!  Here’s to a healthy, joyful, and prosperous 2013!

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