Christmas Pudding…

Today marks the very first day of summer break from school. Next week marks the start of swim team again. The kiddos and I all went running this morning. Of course, it’s so hot that we all “went running” on the treadmill. We took turns. It was a good start to the day. I’ve been editing and proofreading my work, and I already have two new requests. I’m designing a GF menu for a friend who was recently diagnosed with Celiac’s disease, and designing a detoxifying diet for a fellow cancer patient. I’ve spent most of the day writing, and eating since I prefer to tweak my recipes for maximum flavor before I unleash them on someone.

It’s amazing when so many threads of my life seem to dovetail and tie together so perfectly. The years working as a trainer gave me so much of the payoff I have needed to be strong again. The research into nutrition, first for performance and then for maximum wellness, has helped me with taking my writing in an entirely new direction. I am deeply blessed.

In even happier news, I am starting to get the hang of the website building through GoDaddy. It’s a new platform for me, so I’ve been painstakingly careful.

On that note, I suppose I should explain my title. Usually my Mom makes her Christmas pudding several months in advance of Christmas. I thought about that Christmas pudding when I woke up this morning, and think that this year our little family should do a Christmas in July. I think we are about due for one. 🙂

Tomorrow the kids begin the summer lessons I have prepped for them. For today, we just have a lovely schedule-free day.

Hoping you all are taking a moment for bliss today.


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