The Power of the Affirmation…#MondayBlogs

I am a silly person. As a result of that, I quite often end up laughing at myself. I do not require an audience – I can be home alone and do something goofy, or uncoordinated, or have a tangential thought so strange that I will laugh.

Being self-employed, with two school age children, means I spend several hours on my own each day. Mind you, I’m working during those hours. Early mornings, however, are mine.

I rise early, write some short poetry, share an uplifting post or two, and drink my coffee. Then, I run. Last Friday, it was a treadmill run, and it was not going well.

Have you ever had a day where you just feel…blah? That was Friday morning at 5:00 a.m.

So, as I’m running in the mostly dark living room, I’m thinking that I wished I could blast some music. Only, everyone else is sleeping, so that’s really not an option.

I’ve been reading more about the Law of Attraction lately, so I decided to quit my mental whining and put some positive energy into the universe.

I ran five miles, speaking (out loud, but quietly, so everyone else could wake up at their usual time) different affirmations that were meaningful to me. I felt like a million bucks after I was done, and not just because of the runner’s high.

So, what types of affirmations work for you?

Some of mine: I am joy; I am gratitude; I am a bestselling author; I am an athlete; I am a warrior; and so on.

Share your positive messages that you tell yourself in the comments. Let’s get that positive energy going here!

Happy Monday! Blessings…

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