The Key to Dental Hygiene…

Doesn’t this sound like the most mundane of all blog posts? It’s a misleading title, I’ll grant you. I thought I would just give you all a window to the life we lead at home.

Lara and I are pretty serious, driven people. We have a quirky sense of humour, both of us, and I generally refer to it in the singular – we are two peas in a pod, and our humour runs down the same track. In fact, much of the time, when one of us speaks it happens to be almost word-for-word what the other one was thinking. It makes us laugh.

But, all of our calm, mature demeanor disappears completely when we brush our teeth before bed.

We do not have one of those “hers and hers” bathroom sink/vanity set ups here. We have one counter, and one sink. We pile in there together and brush our teeth.

Somehow, without fail, two seconds into brushing our teeth, we regress entirely and become ridiculously silly. Last week, we were in competition. We really needed to see who could bump whom harder – I can’t really say we were bumping our hips, because we were more CHARGING each other, from the side. And laughing around our toothbrushes.

Other nights, we get into water fights while brushing our teeth. Tonight, we were threatening to throw toothpaste on each other, while trying to stand up with perfect posture. I said standing that way made me feel as though we were doing our own “Titanic” king of the world impersonation. We opted to resume the hip smashing, on the grounds that it would be less messy.

What can I say? We laugh, right before bed every night. And tonight, you have all had the great good fortune (or misfortune haha) of having me write this blog post after the toothbrush party in the bathroom.

Hoping you all have the chance for a good belly laugh before sleep tonight.

Blessings to you all…

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