Drop Everything and Be Grateful!!!

I wanted to take time this morning for another list. I woke up a few times last night (gasp! what a shock), and when I finally got out of bed this morning (silent as a ninja this time YAY!) I felt nervous/agitated.

I was in the family room, watching the cloud-covered sunrise, and our new “pet” hummingbird, when I decided to just go through a list of gratitude. Instead of the immense “to do” list that likes to wind its way through my head at all hours, instead of simply clearing my mind to pray or meditate, I just closed my eyes and went through a list of everything, and said “thank you” repeatedly. I highly recommend this as a way to entirely reset the tone of your day, especially if it is off to a rough start.

My abbreviated list of gratitude:

– I am thankful for my beautiful partner and children
– I am thankful to be awake
– I am thankful to be sitting on this sofa
– I am thankful for our home
– I am thankful for my coffee (probably goes without saying)
– I am thankful for our health
– I am thankful my parents flew home from their trip
– I am thankful for that hummingbird
– I am thankful for my eyes to see the beauty everywhere around me
– I am thankful for my ears to hear music, both orchestrated and natural
– I am thankful for my hands, their capability, their competence
– I am thankful for the ability to write, to speak, to share
– I am thankful. I am thankful. I am thankful.

Obviously, this is a relatively short list. But I bring with it a request: please comment to tell me what you are feeling gratitude for today! Stop and smell the roses, in a reflective way.

Gratitude to all of you, for being and for sharing. Blessings…

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